Secure / Simple / Private Group Chat
All nicknames, messages, and files are encrypted on your computer before they are sent.
Drag and drop files straight into the chat box to quickly and easily share them with others.
We do not store user information, messages, or images.

Create or join a room
Share With Elegance
Chatstep allows files and images to be shared among groups of people with ease and simplicity. To do so start by dragging in your media into to the chat window. Your content will be instantly available to everybody in the chat room. If the media dragged in is an image, a preview of the image will be displayed with a color-coordinated frame. Additionally if the attached media is a file, a hyperlink to download the attachment is rendered. The lack of accounts coupled with the ability to create rooms in seconds makes Chatstep the most effective and flexible way to exchange files and related media.
Experience Together
With Chatstep you can watch videos and listen to audio streams with others. Copying a Youtube video link displays a player to all group members. Additionally shared links from render as a complete audio player.
Coming Soon to iPhone and iPad. Use the same Chatstep you love, with its great file and image sharing features on the go with the Chatstep app for iOS devices. Join and create rooms anywhere you are. You can chat with members from web and mobile. The Chatstep mobile app features a vibrant interface that is refined to elevate your conversation. Swipe up to reveal the keyboard and to start chatting. Subtle colored pulses indicate typing activity, and group information can be accessed with a tap. Image sharing has been expanded to include pictures that you have taken, and additionally also allows you to take a picture and share it in real time.
To get the chat experience just right, Chatstep offers an array of customization options that tailor to your needs. You can reveal timestamp information with a click. Message bubbles can be positioned to your liking. Abusive users can be muted and even reported. Notifications such as audible feedback can be toggled. And much more. Additionally these customization options persist throughout subsequent chat sessions.
ReportReport Room
If someone is harrasing you, you can mute them by clicking their name on the left sidebar.

If you are reporting links to a website hosting illegal content, please contact that website directly.

Align Bubbles: On My Bubbles: Right Sound: On Timestamps: Off Images: On Download Transcript
Walkthrough New Feature
You can now mute users!
To mute a user, click on their name in the user list on the left sidebar.
To unmute them, simply click on their name again.